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He spent nearly three months in the hospital and missed the first month of the third grade. Within a month of leaving the hospital, Tanner was playing wheelchair basketball, which is now his favorite sport. That was just the start of the resumption of Tanner's sports career and some accolades. The week before the basketball nationals in Denver, Colo. He's toyed with the idea of playing football this fall for the middle school team at Mona Shores, but said that probably isn't going to happen.

At least not this year. Tanner has set a goal of running at full speed by this summer. He'd also like to get a cheetah foot, a high performance, fiber foot used for sports.

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In order to reach that goal, Tanner knows he has to work hard during his two weekly minute therapy sessions at Generation Care, E. Two days later, he'll be sore, but he pushes himself through it. He's not one to let you know if it hurts. It was Labor Day in and Tanner was a bit nervous about tubing again. Finally, his uncle stepped forward and agreed to give Tanner a ride around the lake. Before the accident, Tanner was a carefree young boy who just wanted to hang out with friends and play sports.

Now he talks about being a fireman or getting into prosthetics. He thinks about a lot of things that kids his age don't. He also spends time teaching others how to play wheelchair basketball. It has just been published by Regnery Publishing.

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Nick Turse is the managing editor of TomDispatch , a fellow at the Nation Institute, and a contributing writer for the Intercept. Somersault is an editor at The Gospel Alliance. Rebecca Gordon teaches at the University of San Francisco. She is the author of American Nuremberg: The U. Larry Pratt is the executive director emeritus of Gun Owners of America, a United States-based firearms lobbying group, and a former member of the Virginia House of Delegates.

Arnold R. A true man of letters, Dr.

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Tom Landess wrote and ghostwrote hundreds of books and articles, as well as poetry. He was a student and friend of many of the Twelve Southerners and a brilliant storyteller. He will be missed tremendously. Ralph de Toledano August 17, — February 3, was a major figure in the conservative movement in the United States throughout the second half of the 20th century. Allan C. Carlson was president of The Rockford Institute from to , and president of The Howard Center from until his retirement in Murray N. Rothbard was an economist, an economic historian, and a libertarian political philosopher.

Scott P. Erik Edstrom is a graduate of the West Point class of He was an infantry officer, Army Ranger, and Bronze Star Medal recipient who deployed to direct combat in Afghanistan. Stephen B. Alfred W. Ted Galen Carpenter is senior fellow for defense and foreign-policy studies at the Cato Institute.

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Lewis and the Case Against Scientism. George McCartney, a professor of English at St.

John's College, is film editor for Chronicles. Francis J. He is a fellow of the Nation Institute and runs TomDispatch. George W. Special thanks to researcher Craig Wilson for his contributions to this story. His latest book is Base Nation: How U. Donald Devine is senior scholar at the Fund for American Studies. Office of Personnel Management.

Brownfeld is the author of five books and has been a staff aide to a U. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. Timothy G. Javier M. He is Cuban-American and fluent in Russian and Spanish. He has written editorials for the Orange County Register for 27 years,. He served in the U. Army as a Russian linguist from to The views expressed by him on this website are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Parliament.

Ambassador to Guatemala. Anthony T. Christopher Manion served as a staff director on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for many years. He has taught in the departments of politics, religion, and international relations at Boston University, the Catholic University of America, and Christendom College, and is the director of the Campaign for Humanae Vitae, a project of the Bellarmine Forum Foundation. He is a Knight of Malta. Stephen Heiner lives and writes in Paris. Cort Kirkwood has been writing about American politics and culture for more than 20 years.

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Ambassador to Switzerland from to , and again from to Richard J. Bishirjian, Ph. His The Conservative Rebellion will be published by St. Augustine's Press in August. Elena Chudinova is a conservative Russian journalist and author of the Notre Dame de Paris Mosque , a dystopian novel about the Islamic takeover of Western Europe and other novels.

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