Mission to Paris

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Furst is one of the finest spy novelists working today.

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The novel recalls a time when black and white applied to both movies and moral choices. One wants the feeling to go on forever, the book to never end … Like Graham Greene, Furst creates believable characters caught up, with varying degrees of willingness, in the parade of political life.

Mission to Paris

And because they care, the reader does, too … Furst is one of the finest spy novelists working today, and, from boudoir to the beach, Mission to Paris is perfect summer reading. Furst is the best in the business—the most talented espionage novelist of our generation. Read An Excerpt.

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Also by Alan Furst. And it is also in Berlin that Stahl is told not to leave his hotel that night. It is one of Mr. Stahl notes as he walks in the streets of the city people who wear a yellow star stitched to their coats. And the glow of fire in the sky and the sounds of destruction that Stahl hears in the night turn out to be the infamous Kristallnacht when shops and properties are destroyed as Nazi terror is launched against the Jewish community in Berlin.

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The intelligence errand is carried out and Stahl returns to Paris to make the movie, having temporarily pacified the Nazis and left a good impression on the fledgling spy operators within the American Embassy. Characterization is one of Mr. Like the evil Baroness von Reschke, who is part of the German machine, and the enchanting French socialite Kiki de Saint-Ange, a woman who has no illusions about either the war or men.

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  8. She predicts candidly and probably accurately that Stahl will remember her as a girl he knew in Paris. Stahl does become involved in a serious romance with Renate Steiner, an emigre fleeing from the Nazis.

    Furst adds a nice touch in the denouement when Hollywood tycoon Jack Warner is peripherally involved in rescuing Stahl from what has become very real danger. It never seems likely that Stahl will not survive his experience in Paris, yet happy endings in those days were rare and probably unlikely.


    Mission to Paris by by Alan Furst: Summary and reviews

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