Queens : The Evolution of the Black woman

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For purchases where a shipping charge was paid, there will be no refund of the original shipping charge. Some key factors drive its popularity, among them increased globalization, the Internet, and the desire of millennials of African descent to feel ownership of and know more about their African ancestry and history. When courageous NFL star Colin Kaepernick took a symbolic stand against police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem at the start of one of his games, something interesting happened.

He put his curly-kinky hair in an Afro. Prior to that episode, Kaepernick was most often seen with his head shaved low or his hair in braids. Style can be superficial, but it can also undeniably be an expression of significant social, cultural and economic realities.

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Fashion has embedded itself in our popular culture, and Black style, fertile and innovative, is continuously multiplying like a reproducing amoeba, spinning off into sub-genres. Stateside and in parts of Europe in the early twentieth century, bandleaders like Cab Calloway popularized the dramatically baggy zoot suit.


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Jazzmen and blueswomen started trends, as Billie Holiday did when she appeared with a flower in her hair. With dresses shortened to scandalously bare ankles and calves, corsets were flung aside, and dresses became loose and free, all the better to shimmy and shake.

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As they do today, early entertainers of all colors found their style within the Black community, and in a back-and-forth exchange, the Black community in turn fed off and expanded upon the looks entertainers wore on stage, on screen, and at their public appearances. By donning these various styles in her powerful videos and on stage, she fertilizes the growth of trends like goddess braids, Afros and New Orleans Creole style, among other grace notes.